Unsere Apps

Swiss HCV Advisor

The Swiss HCV Advisor application is designed to aid medical professionals in the field of hepatology with the treatment of hepatitis c. The app requires information about the virus and the patient in order to return a list of recommended treatments according to the SASL-SSI guidelines. Pick a treatment to see its approval and reimbursement status, cost, reference to backup the suggested treatment, and more. The app features an appointment calculator for checkup dates and an prescription generator that will provide a print-ready prescription in PDF format.

EASL HCV Advisor

The European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) HCV Advisor app is a tool provided free by EASL to those treating patients with hepatitis C and will streamline the selection of treatment. Based on the trusted EASL Recommendations for Treatment of Hepatitis C, simply enter the patient and virus information and instantly the appropriate treatment options are made available.

Essentials in Gastroenterology

The «Essentials» App is an interactive reference resource for specialists in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. Use this app to quickly find information about a topic of interest and calculate related medical scores.

Darmkrebs CheckApp

Die App Darm Check ist da! Darmkrebs gehört zu den drei häufigsten Tumoren, mit gravierenden Folgen. Durch eine gezielte Vorsorge ist es nicht nur möglich, den Darmkrebs frühzeitig zu erkennen, sondern auch gutartige Vorstufen zu entdecken. Die App Darm Check ermöglicht die partizipative Entscheidungsfindung / Shared Decision Making (SDM) ob eine Darmspiegelung sinnvoll ist und wann der richtige Zeitpunkt dafür ist.